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Business Technology & Copier Leasing

If you’re looking to upgrade your office technology or perhaps purchase new office technology, you’re probably wondering whether it’s best to lease or purchase the equipment outright. While there are good reasons to choose either option, there are many benefits to office technology and copier leasing. Because technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace, leasing your business technology, such as copiers, is a great option that allows for consistent and cost-effective technology upgrades. Atlanta Business Technologies (ABT) offers many office technologies and copier leasing options through well qualified Leasing Partners.


Why leasing might be right for your business?
  1. Working capital can be invested elsewhere in the business.

  2. Keep your technology current; seamlessly upgrade or add products to your lease through Atlanta Business Technologies (ABT).

  3. Get newer, more sophisticated technology. Profit and productivity are achieved through the immediate availability and use of the equipment.

  4. Purchase option can be exercised at any time.

  5. Accounting and depreciation are simplified.

  6. Today’s prices can be locked in.

Short-Term Rentals

No Contract No Worries: Boost Productivity with our Selection of Short-term Printers


There are many instances where your business may need to rent a printer for short-term use, including for temporary print-intensive projects, conferences, temporary office setups and more. Luckily, Atlanta Business Technologies  (ABT) makes renting a seamless project. There is no risk. Our month-to-month agreement means you can also upgrade or change your program as your needs change.


Renting a printer from ABT gets you:

  • Fast, guaranteed on-time delivery.  

  • IT setup & technical support. 

  • Local presence to save on costly shipping.  

  • Included Service Agreement (Peace of Mind), everything except Paper & Staples.

  • Inventory of top printer brands (Xerox, Lexmark, Ricoh) and based off availability.

Just need a Desktop Multifunction Printer? Benefits of All-Inclusive Desktop Print Services


With All-Inclusive Desktop Print Services from ABT, you receive:


  • A careful, thorough examination of your technology infrastructure.

  • Multifunction devices that streamline your ability to print and distribute documents.

  • FREE Desktop printer for new orders.

  • A smart redeployment of your printers for optimal productivity.

  • Installation support for your devices.

  • Next-day, onsite service.

  • Remote monitoring of costs and supply levels.

  • Automated toner delivery.

  • Preventative maintenance kits.

  • No downtime for business-critical areas.

  • Up front explanation of costs for Color & B/W printing.

  • One Invoice everything included. Print volume varies and can incur an additional charge.

Contact us today and let one of our specialists assist you!
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