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Who We Work With:


  • K-12 (Public & Private)

  • Charter Schools

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Independent School Districts

  • Learning Centers

  • Education Support Services


Pre-K, K-12, Colleges and Universities face increasing pressure to provide higher quality academics, secure student information and supply innovative S.T.E.M and S.T.E.A.M school programs, all in the face of shrinking budgets.​


ABT’s Education Solutions:

  • Improve the quality of education in the classroom by maximizing classroom learning and increasing student engagement.

  • Help to significantly reduce school costs.

  • Enable teachers to conveniently prepare and access effective course materials.

  • Safeguard confidential student and faculty records.

  • Support public and private school compliance mandates.

  • Enable teachers to accelerate grading, scoring and the path to educational assessments.

Atlanta Business Tech helps schools, school systems, and institutions of higher learning manage their documents and data efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We have significant experience navigating the budget-approval process, meeting both the strategic needs of departmental and administrative heads and adhering to the protocols required by procurement.


Recommended Healthcare Solutions:

Information is at the Heart of Healthcare: Medical Histories, Patient Data, Consultation Notes, Lab Results and More – All Must Be Available and Accessible.


Information is at the heart of the business of healthcare: financial records, insurance information, regulatory documents – and all of it must be managed efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our innovative products deliver data and document solutions to healthcare organizations of all sizes. We assist in the transition to cloud-based EMR systems, streamline back-office processes, and help organizations ensure that they remain fully HIPAA compliant.

Who We Work With:
  • Healthcare Associations

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Insurance Providers

  • Physician Practices

  • Hospitals & Clinics

  • Nursing Homes


Transform your healthcare workflows As healthcare professionals become more accountable, you have never been more pressured to boost productivity and streamline your HIPAA compliance processes. RICOH® introduces its next generation of healthcare printing devices that offer security firmware for a built-in paper tray that locks or a combination built-in paper tray that locks and is also Teflon enhanced for the wristband and label media applications. Learn how our printing devices and healthcare business services can help you optimize workflow efficiency in healthcare environments ranging from acute care to admissions, pharmacies and nursing stations with limited space.


Who We Work With:


  • Law Offices

  • Sole Practitioners

  • Legal Support Services

  • Corporate Legal Departments


Records and Information Governance is an Essential Part of Running a Legal Practice


Few professions are more reliant on documents, and no profession is faced by more stringent regulatory requirements for how they are managed, cataloged, routed, stored, encrypted, and secured.


ABT has helped law firms of all sizes manage their documents more efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. We design and implement customized solutions that adhere to state and local compliance standards, and accommodate the increasing variety of formats: paper and digital documents, audio files, video, and static imagery, emails, and more.


ABT’s Legal Solutions


  • Help manage case documents and client matters.

  • Simplify document control, management, viewing, and access.

  • Automate processes for coding, indexing, and retrieval of documents.

  • Facilitate secure document sharing of confidential information.

  • Provide security, governance, and compliance.

  • Provide an easy means of placing paper documents into an electronic workflow.

  • Integrate with industry billing and cost recovery software.

  • Enable cost-conscious behavior while reducing administrative costs.


Who We Work With:


  • Community Groups 

  • Medical Charities

  • Religious Organizations

  • Housing Authorities 

  • Judicial Centers

  • Celebrity Foundations


In the non-profit industry, the challenge is to do more with less. Whether you operate an association, housing authority or union – today there is even greater pressure to offer more services with fewer resources. We can help by transforming core document-driven processes while refining costs. We have a proven track record of non-profit delivery experience.



  • Serving the people: Provide quality services at a low cost.

  • Fiscal responsibility: How to do more with fewer resources.

  • Access, control, and productivity: Security, disaster recovery and automating tasks within a changing workforce.


ABT’s Non-Profit Solutions:


  • Donation Processing. Streamline the management of donations by using web-based document management and multi-function devices to scan and route supporting documents.

  • Records Management. Whether for hiring volunteers or the processing of applications for community benefits, we can automate the process by providing compliance and increased security.

  • Workflow Assessments. Analyze needs, capabilities, processes, and costs associated with document creation and distribution. We offer a wide range of cost control and recovery capabilities, eliminating waste and misuse, resulting in cost savings.

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